An Update on my Nook

I wrote earlier that I was looking forward to using my new Nook electronic reader.  I do like it, but have learned a thing or two.

For one, I no longer ‘purchase’ the free books of classics like Jane Austen’s books, or Pilgrim’s Progress.  Every single one of those downloads had weird word spellings or odd font figures, added punctuation that made no sense, and other little frustrations that made the reading of the text, in some cases, impossible.  I was willing at first to overlook the word ‘first’ spelled ‘fiinst’, for example, because I could interpret it through context. But most of the text problems are worse than that.

The ‘free for a day’ books I’ve downloaded are better, but not totally free of mistakes.  A book I read this last month, in fact, left out entire paragraphs in one instance.

The moral of the story: sometimes you get exactly what you pay for.

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