Shadow Music by Julie Garwood

I’m glad I gave Julie Garwood another chance.  Last year I borrowed her The Wedding from the library, having seen it recommended as her best novel.  It was my first by this prolific author, but I couldn’t make it past the first several chapters.  My disappointment came as a result of the unnecessarily graphic scene between the hero and heroine.  That’s just not what I want to read about. 

But Shadow Music was better.  Though there was eventually a scene between the protagonists, (they were married by then) it was less graphic and near the end of the book.  Personally, I find reading sex scenes tedious and a little ludicrous.  When I read a historical romance, much of my interest is in the setting and the characters.  A great plot helps, but what goes on behind closed doors…or in the forest…does not enhance the story for me. 

In Shadow Music, Ms. Garwood provided enough interesting characters and a plausible plot, to keep me interested.  And of course, in addition to Highland warriors, a princess, royal secrets, monks and an abbey, there were castles!  What didn’t I like?  Two pesky little boys who needed a good spanking and never got one.  They did eventually advance the plot, but not until the end.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I will rank it a 7.

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