A Look from Inside

I took a free afternoon recently to watch a favorite DVD, Gosford Park. Having noticed the screenwriter, Julian Fellowes, on other movie credits, I’m watching for him as a writer I might want to follow. I saw him in Monarch of the Glen in his role as Killwillie, which I enjoyed. He wrote the original script for The Young Victoria, and also the successful television series Downton Abbey.
So that afternoon, just two days ago, I hurried down to the library and checked out Julian Fellowes’ Snobs and Past Imperfect. And read them in a day and a half. Mr. Fellowes is a member of the Peerage of Great Britain, so his experiences and memories make up some insightful reading in these two works of fiction. Of the two, I liked the second better, as there was more of an unsolved mystery in the plot, but they were both very interesting.
The world of the British aristocracy is so foreign to me, but intriguing. I will keep my eyes peeled for more from this enjoyable author. Cheerio.

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